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and the speech will begin. then some time after 2:00, president obama and former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter will speak on the steps of the linken memorial to honor king's legacy and his call to let freedom ring. at 3:04, 50 years to the minute after king's address, organizers at dozens of sites around the country will ring bells. among them is this bell. from the 16th street baptist church in birmingham. the bell that rang in 1963 just before a bomb killed four little girls. organizers say they are remembering the bloodshed by all in the struggle for civil rights. by the way, we mentioned that m former president bill clinton will speak today. breaking news from the white house this morning. we can report that former president bill clinton is being tapped to deliver a major policy speech on behalf of the white house defending and explaining the health care law. the affordable care act. he'll do so at his presidential library in little rock, arkansas, on wednesday, one week from today. president obama once dubbed clinton the secretary of explaining stuff. he actually had ano
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about a hillary clinton candidacy in 2016. ed klein author of the best seller "the amateur" with the inside scoop, next. the >>> the republican national committee today made it clear hillary clinton is in their cross hairs. the rnc released a video asking whether kcnn and nbc will inclue coverage of a clinton scandal in film productions about the former first aidy. alluded to hillary clinton's lobbying president clinton for presidential pardon, the fourth the a series of videos attacking clinton. perhaps. joining me now, author of the best-selling book "the amateur" ed klein. great to see you. what do you make of this? first of all this new hit job presumably about "the new york times" on the clinton foundation? >> it struck me as a shot across the bow because what they alluded to was perhaps some illegality, certainly some ethical questionable behavior on the part of the people running the foundation. a cross currents of donors who are also part of the foundation and yet also involved in businesses that bill is involved -- bill clinton is involved in. the whole thing is --
nomination even if >> joining me now to respond are former clinton pollster and republican strategist. both are fox news contributors. guys, great to see you. first we want to send our best wishes to the biden family. his son was hospitalized. he's been released. but we're praying for them and wishing them well. >> absolutely. >> turning to the presidential race, doug, do you think this news that the vice president is considering a run is keeping hillary clinton awake at night? >> i don't think she has much trouble sleeping about vice president biden. but politics is a volatile business. you never say never. and what i really think vice president biden is doing is preparing for a possible candidacy if hillary clinton for whatever reasons decides not to run. then he'd be the frontrunner. >> the dirty little secret here, tony, vice president biden is actually a pretty good retail politician. he's actually a pretty good candidate out there. whereas hillary clinton is a god awful candidate out there. there might be an opening for biden as democrats are fed up with the clip tonian entitlement an
for probably a couple more questions. >> is it your sense that hillary clinton will run for president in 2016? how often do you talk to people that are close to her? >> she is firmly committed to being a private citizen to recharge her family's foundation and embrace the issues that have been the hallmark of her career which includes issues important to women and children globally. the time for reaching a decision will be down the road. i have talked to secretary clinton both personally and the people that are around her as i have talked to many of the other potential candidates for president and their people. the democratic party will get ready to stand up to the strongest possible and for structure to prepare our parties or whoever our nominee is. the good news is that the next resident of the united states after president obama's term will be a democrat. >> this is all ready begun. a lot of clinton defenders and allies say this is just the media falling back and we will have this replay of this hyper investigation of the 1990s. others have said this is scrutiny. it goes with the territory.
is the obama administration doing about it. can hillary clinton win dennis miller's vote for president? moments away. >> bill: washington beat segment tonight. is the pakistani doctor kill -- also problems for hillary clinton's presidential run. joining us from washington ace reporters james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, begin with you. tell me about hillary. what's going on there. >> she is getting a lot of attention, bill. not the kind she wants. she has been may more public than she said she wanted to be at the stage. the headlines may have harmed more man help. so much so some liberals are starting to dip their toes into the 2016 against her. howard dean whom you very well no s. about to visit iowa and manning new hampshire claiming demand for those left of hillary clinton. talking about 2016 and got rave reviews and the left is even buzzing about massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. they are all getting noticed because clinton has hit a rough patch. >> bill: i don't understand what the rough patch is she is out in the hamptons now staying at $100,000 rental for a month. what's a rou
of the united states during a national address, you lie. they never would have done it against bill clinton and they couldn't stand him. they never would have done it to any other democratic president except barack obama. you can't help but think it's on the basis of race. he has been demonized over and over and over again. today the internet is full of strife with people saying he's a race baiter. a lot of the things he said are valued by conservatives. >> here's more of his speech. he correctly pointed out that dr. king's message tried to transcend race in a way. let's listen to the president make his case. >> the men and women who gathered 50 years ago were not there in search of some abstract idea. they were there seeking jobs as well as justice. dr. king explained that the goals of african-americans were identical to working people of all races. decent wages, fair working conditions, livable housing, old age security, health and welfare measures, conditions in which families can grow, have education for their children, and respect in the community. what king was describing has been the
'reilly's failed argument on the march. >>> plus, look out, right wingers. is bill clinton versus sarah palin on obama care. wonder how this political title fight might end. >>> and friend or foe, i want to know. e-mail me what's on your mind. "reply al" is ahead. ♪ ♪ we go, go, we don't have to go solo ♪ ♪ fire, fire, you can take me higher ♪ ♪ take me to the mountains, start a revolution ♪ ♪ hold my hand, we can make, we can make a contribution ♪ ♪ brand-new season, keep it in motion ♪ ♪ 'cause the rhyme is the reason ♪ ♪ break through, man, it doesn't matter who you're talking to ♪ [ male announcer ] completely redesigned for whatever you love to do. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. ♪ your door to more. i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at >>> we've been asking our msnbc family to tell us what they're doing in their communities to advance dr. king's dream. and we've received some great responses. the quali
in the country is just beginning. bret? >> thank you. >>> still ahead, can anyone stop hillary clinton? will any democrat even try? first, your jaw will drop when you find out how much obama care will cost one of america's highest profile companies. you're not made of money, so don't overpay for at insurance. geico, you're not made of money, see how much you could save. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>> another one of america's big employers sounding the alarm over obama care. delta air lines says the health care costs could explode by $100 million in just one year. chief national correspondent breaks it down for us tonight. >> reporter: delta executive dealing with benefits said that his and other large companies reject one official's assertion that it will mean business as usual for them. he met with administration official earlier this we're and followed up with a letter that said make no mistake. the cost imposed on delta and our employees are very real and they are escalating. the cost of health ca
president jimmy carter will speak. as well as former president bill clinton will speak here as well. then, of course, president barack obama. plus, civil rights icon, congress n congressman john lewis, the only surviving speaker from the 1963 march on washington will deliver his remarks. first we'll hear from superstar oprah winfrey. oprah is scheduled to speak any minute now. we wait for oprah winfrey and others to take to the podium, and they will begin to speak. joining me here in washington is my colleague, wolf blitzer. wolf, of course, you noaa wa very well. you have covered washington for decades. what does today mean for you and the nation's capital? >> it means a great deal. it means so much because all of us who have lived through these 50 years remember what it was like then. remember what we've gone through over these so many years. we know, of course, what it's like right now. don, it's very, very fascinating that at a sensitive moment like this, when the president of the united states getting ready to deliver his important remarks commemorating the 50th anniversary of dr. ma
maine, william cohen, who served as secretary of defense under president clinton. where do you start? senator lugar, the president's word, how much does it matter? he set this red line. he talked about assad having to go. there's now -- it seems the entire world believes that chemical weapons have been used. other than right now we haven't fully verified it. what does the president do now? >> well, first of all, the president really is going to need finally to deal with congress on these issues. it's well as good for the president to set a red line. if that means going to war, if it means allocating -- >> you think that means going to war? when you set a red line like that and assad does a massive thing that he does, this is war? >> essentially, the president said enormous consequences, whatever this may mean. we've got to begin to outline precisely what's involved. general dempsey is correct. when we begin talking about the use of military force or, in fact, trying to help any of the forces, as you've just illustra illustrated, this is very dangerous, because we may be aiding people
is calling hillary clinton a war criminal. on a weekly program that debuts tonight, david schuster is the host and he joins us now. >> dr. cornell west has repeatedly called president obama a war criminal for use of drone strikes. we had an interview, and we asked dr. west about hillary clinton. >> would hillary clinton be a good president? >> well, in some ways i would think about hillary clinton as i do about barack obama. they're both brilliant, charismatic. both would be head of an empire and both are involved in war crimes. hillary clinton is right there with the killer brought every tuesday to make the choices. >> hillary clinton? is dr. cornell west calling hillary clinton a war criminal? >> was, absolutely. how could she not be just as henry kissinger. >> with drones, kissinger was involved with anything that moves and breathes, that's genocidal. hillary never said that. but she's making the decision of drones dropping bombs on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. >> diplomat i can decisions. it's the department of defense-- >> she's in the room with the president
will be dr. king's family. presidents barack obama, bill clinton and jimmy carter as well as silver rights leader congressman john lewis. there will an number of bands and choirs performing in front of the crowd. joining us now from the lincoln memorial our mike viqueira. we have our dr. aubrey hendri hendrix{^l" ^}, and dr. williams of history and codirector of black studies. dr. hendrix, i want to start with you because you had a front-row seat to history last night. you were dining with a few important people. who might that have been. >> well, it was a large reception. i wasn't exactly dining with them. >> that's how we tell the story. >> janet lewis, a number of the king familie family, a number of religious leaders and it was a wonderful, best afire i've been to at the white house. >> one of the interesting things about working in washington as long as i did, there is a tendency when the audience watches the president, when they watch dr. king, they think they're watching someone who is larger than life. these are people who are trust in a moment of history p what was it like for him
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and what are they really up to? yes, that's former president bill clinton on the right and on the left, his best friend forever, terry mcauliffe, former chairman of the democratic national committee, fundraiser supreme for both bill and hillary, and the personification of the corporate wing of the democratic party. smack in the middle, that's haley barbour, former chairman of the republican national committee. he made a fortune lobbying for corporations, especially for the ta backco industry, then went home to serve two terms as governor of mississippi, and couldn't wait to get back to washington, where once again, he's gun-slinging for the big boys. so why did these three d.c. desperadoes ride into a small mississippi town? seems that when barbour was governor, he offered mcauliffe a very attractive state package of price and tax subsidies for a plant there to build electric cars for his greentech automotive company. mcauliffe also tapped his politically connected network for more than $100 million in capital with the help of hillary clinton's brother, tony rodham, whose company, gulf coas
midterm gains in congress since 1865, and that president was bill clinton. many more democratic senators are up for reelection this year than -- in 2014, than republicans. 21 democrats. 21 democrats in 2014 compared to 14 for the republicans in 2014, and look at this. nether democrats nor republicans have a claim right now on popularity. in fact, according to a recent gallup poll, 48% sy the democratic party unfavoray. that's a bigincrease from 43% just after last year's election. comparison, 53% see th g.o.p. unfavorablely. the mainstream liberal media is not giving that attention, not much attention to public democratc spats, in fct, senator mark pryor, up for reelection in arkansas next year tells "politico," quote, i think present obam in some ways, has a hard left genda in various ways, and that agenda is t popular in our state, and a lot of that agenda, i don't support. now, that was pretty carefully worded, wasn't it? the most popular democrat in the cotry these days is certainly not president obama. it is former secretary of state hillary clinton. many parties consider her the od
look over at the democratic field the one name that seems to stand alone seems to be hillary clinton. who is the democratic's chosen one? is that a good or bad thing for them. joining us is host of power play on fox news dom come the one and only chris starwell good to see you today. >> good to see you. i'm normally talking to you remote. when you are in new york it's great to have you back. >> shannon: it's great to see you in your seersucker glory. >> sucker at least. >> shannon: let's talk about hillary clinton. if i'm a democrat and want to get into 2016 race. i'm not running, not officially declaring today. i think joe biden and there are other folks out there that would probably like to be considered. is she anointed? is it over? >> well, yes. but and here is the important thing. you remember the republicans in 2012 when they believed anybody could beat barack obama. you remember michele bachmann saying any one of us on this stage could beat barack obama. and in press row you heard a sharp intake of. [gasp] as she said that. any one of us. republicans went through a period of t
simply to make pint? >> yeah, the best example i can think of was during the clinton administration. we sent a few cruise missiles to take a camp out. we also had training camps in afghanistan for al qaeda, and we sent a few cruise missiles to take them out. >> but in sudan, this is something that never gets any attention, but we shot cruise missiles at the pharmaceutical plant, and we took out the one and only pharmaceutical plant in sudan based on no factual decision. the decision was made in august when decision makers were at the second level without evidence. the key lesson we should have learned from the clinton administration, and then the bush administration is to have an actual record. >> suppose that's established. the un inspectors determine that yes, there were at least 300 people who died from chemical weapons, and that's good enough for the obama administration, what is wrong with firing missiles and saying -- >> but you have an assumption that it was the government of syria. we have no evidence whatsoever. un investigators came out in may the last time we had an allegatio
with murder. >> the event writing hillary clinton back to the bay area and how you may have a chance to see >> new details are emerging surrounding the life of hernandez, the tight end who now is accuses of murder was a heavy users of angel dust and so paranoid he carried a gun wherever he went and he was a misstep from being cut by patriots head coach because of missed practices and "thug life stunts." the sister of a man suspected of kid natural be hannah anderson no longer wants tests to democrat if he fathered the children. the relatives wanted d.n.a. tests after rumors dimaggio fathered the children but now they do not thing a test is needed. dimaggio was killed by f.b.i. agents in the wilderness on august ten after allegedly killing hannah's mother and her brother in his san diego-area home. >> governor brown has a new idea of how to reduce evercrowding in the state prison and meet a federal order to reduce the number of inmates by 10,000. lawmakers who oppose the plan will rent their own today. more on that story from sacramento. >> california is under tremendous pressure from the co
president clinton who said i'm standing, you know, under the shadow of lincoln's statue, the journey that we've been on as a country and the journey we still have yet to go. obviously president clinton was a big part of that journey. but you can't help but just get chills, just to feel in this moment. >> we have steve kornacki in for ari today. you're a history buff. you are living through history right now. >> yeah, we talked about this a little bit on our show over the weekend. it's amazing sort of the evolution of the king legacy to look at a statue on the mall of martin luther king, and you think of -- we showed this over the weekend in our show, the last full year of his life, 1967, they did the list the ten most admired americans of the year. he didn't make that. in 1983 when there was a push to get a federal holiday, it passed, but the president of the united states, ronald reagan, actually spoke up. he signed it into law, but he spoke up to support jesse helms. he defended him in that. just look at where the wleg si of martin luther king is today. >> and where it will be in 50 years.
if he wins because of new hampshire and other states? how about if it's hillary clinton against chris christie? are you a republican, a democrat or an independent? what are you? come on. >> when i was growing up, it was more about the economy and taxes and now it's -- now that i have a child, i look at education. that's very important. i look at the gun issue. the gun lobby, for example. i would have to look at hillary clinton. >> yeah. she's better on guns. you got it. is that the party? that's what you're seeing out there. >>s extraordinary. i think chad is trying to say he's not a democrat. he's not changed to some liberal. he's the same conservative he always was. but even a conservative republican is finding it very difficult to be republican. >> let me tell you what i just heard there, hillary clinton will appeal to the middle. i think she will. she's more hawkish than obama. tough on foreign policy and i think she's more with the constituency of the democratic party than obama is. i think the clintons have held strong here in these last five years. anyway, chad brown, thank you
is something that we've seen now. it happened under the clinton administration. we all remember how vituperative those times were. and there were people on the left who aimed some of that at george w. bush. admittedly, it's spun out of control now, because these folks are in control of the republican party. so it's at a fevered pitch now. but we've got this mad cycle going where each party -- yes, go ahead. >> but let me challenge that nancy pelosi had an opportunity to jump on george w. bush in the same regard. look at what she did here. she didn't play that game. she shot it down right away. i'm not going to get into delegitimization. let's watch nancy. she did not let them play this game. let's watch her, please. i'm sorry. >> okay, go ahead. >> she has pledged as a speaker she would giver the republicans rights like allowing them to introduce amendments to bills. but she may have trouble reigning in the democrats' appetite for revenge there has already been talk of multiple investigations and impeachment of the president. >> no. impeachment is off the table. >> and that's a pled
missiles and get off cheap like bill clinton can and turn up the dirt and what is the plan next. our failing under the bush administration and obama administration has been the failure to anticipate consequences and plan. it is not enough to go to baghdad. it is not enough to depose gha d da fi. you have to plan for what comes next. suppose the president decided on serious military strikes that weakened the assad regime. it collapses and then the al-qaeda and other islamic extremist grab the city of damascus, one of the three most important in the arab world. then what does the president do? i don't see any extra teggic interest of the united states in syria i want our president to tell me how this benefits all of us americans? >> well, what is the u.s. interest there? is it a bigger question of a moral imperative to act when we know 100,000 people died. that took place over two years was what we view as a civil war in syria. what is the moral obligation and what is the u.s. interest? i don't see any. if you want to find the u.s. interest it would be helping a soughted which i don't
-american community is now calling hillary clinton a war criminal. dr. cornell west made the remarks on talk al jazeera. david schuster is the host. >> dr. cornell west has repeatedly called president obama a war criminal because of the administration's use of drone strikes, and then later we shifted to other topics, including the 2016 campaign and asked dr. west about hillary clinton. >> would hillary clinton be a good president? >> in some ways i would think hillary clinton as i do with barack obama, they're both brilliant. they're both charismatic. they would be head of an empire and both involved with war crimes. of course hillary was right there-- >> is dr. car nell west calling hillary clinton-- >> absolutely. very much. how could she be secretary of state, the same way henry kissinger was. >> that's quite a bit different than-- >> anything that mosts and breathes, that's genocidal, she never said that but she's making additions connec connect--those decisions connected with those drones that are dropped on hundreds of people. >> reporter: she's making political decisions. >> she's in the
carter, bill clinton and barack obama speak from the same steps where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered the historic speech. organizers expect thousands to turnout to show that dr. king's dream still lives on. a day will begin with prayer at the shiloh baptist church. >> we were behind where dr. king's shoulder is, we were close enough to be able to hear all the speeches. >> lynn was just 16 when she attended the 1963 march on washington, dc, and hopes today's speeches inspire younger generations to keep fighting for justice. >> what is disturbing is to see that even with the black president we still have a long way to go. >> congressman john lewis a young student agoer and a line still resonates. >> "let freedom ring." people across america if their hearts believe freedom should ring for everyone. >> this afternoon, bells from church towers this washington to government buildings an the world will ring in honor of the famous phrase "let freedom read." >> thank you very much. stay with abc7 news and we have continuing cork on the march on washington the 50th anniversary when
and mrs. obama, president clinton, president carter, i want to thank bernice king, the king family, and the national parks service for inviting me here to speak today. when i look out over this diverse crowd and survey the guests on this platform, i seemed to realize what otis redding sang about and what martin luther king jr. preached about, this moment in our history has been a long-time coming, but a change has come. we are standing here in the shadow of abraham lincoln 150 years after he issued the emancipation proclamation, and only 50 years after the historic march on washington for jobs and freedom. we have come a great distance in this country in the 50 years, but we still have a great distance to go before we fulfill the dream of martin luther king jr. sometimes i hear people saying nothing has changed, but for someone to grow up the way i grew up in alabama, to now be serving in the united states congress, makes me want to tell them, come and walk in my shoes. come walk in the shoes of those who were attacked by police dogs, fire hoses, and night sticks, arrested and take
obama as the headliner. president clinton described it as an observance of one of the most important days in american history. that's true. what mr. clinton and no one else mentioned there's today's event exclude black republicans and conservatives. all speakers were democrats. that was a glaring error, and does not indicate a desire for inclusion. most of the speeches were, however, uplifting and respectful to america, but not all. >> somewhere along the way white sheets were traded for button-down white shirts. attack dogs and water hoses were traded for tasers and widespread implementation of stop and frisk policies. nooses were traded for handcuffs. >> bill: that kind of grievance mongering does the cause of civil rights no good whatsoever, period. the nation's first black president was the star of the day, giving an energetic presentation. he began with the history of dr. king's speech in times 50 years ago. then president obama turned political. >> the gap in wealth between races is not lessened, it's grown. as president clinton indicated, the position of all working americans,
in there taking them down. very good. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> neil: first katy. now clinton. they really want you to obamacare. and why you should care who is staying here this weekend, because you picked up the tab. >> neil: first katy perry pushing the healthcare law. now form el president bill clinton is asked to do the same but a month before people have to start signing up for these exchanges, centers desperation. what's going on, byron? >> what's going on is new polls show a lot of people don't know what is in obamacare and the people who do know don't like it. so october 1st, the first deadline in which the exchanges will be up and running, people will be able to shop for health insurance on statewide markets, and the big deadline, january 1st, where the whole system will be in effect with the exception of the employer mandate which president obama delayed on his own, but the whole system would be in effect and people will pay parentally be receiving subsidies to purchase insurance. >> neil: they might delay provisions, might have to do everything they can, pull out the stops, pul
and throw presidents past and present including president's carter and clinton and mr. obama speaking. the president has to thread the needle when it comes to his remarks. he is on the eve of a potential military attack against syria paying homage to a man who was pacist. wo all know and i saw saturday there is a lot of trayvon martin t- shirts. i am trayvon martin and the president last spring said if he had a son he would look like trayvon martin. and that was applauded and disparaged bow many. one thing that a lot of people are asking today. what would martin luther king think of the changes here. america is a different country and no longer black and white and multicultural population and huge population of asians and indians and people of middle eastern descent. >> back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll go to that live. >> and a dead line is approaching as we await kathleen sebilluous that americans may be risking identity theft of the the secretary had until today to respond. florida's attorney general will tell us what she has or hasn't. and the murder saga that gripped the n
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